Lever Burns [ ____-_ ] is a --no-camera&&--no-audio [we-txt-------------terminal]
environment for monthly workshops / conversation sessions re:autonomous_practices
for individuals and collectives ][ art <-----------------> cultural production ][

][[[[[[ self-hosting and tweaking the open-source applications ][[ making our own
tools/scripts ]]][][[[ taking care of our infrastructures ][[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

$ 2 constant elements of the space are the terminal [of my webserver] and a pad  
[of the Etherpad instance i'm self-hosting on one of my webservers at my place]. 
We run the commands and scripts in the terminal ++ the participants follow along 
on their own machine/laptop terminals and communicate struggles/bugs/joys/success
reports on a session pad. We learn, debug and troubleshoot together $$$$$$$$$$$$$

:// each session has a dedicated url -- once an invitation lands in your inbox,  
please contact me to receive a link to a session :///////////////////////////////

Session documentation is available in several forms::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
    __ A manual on my Mediawiki instance 
    __ A session pad 
    __ A terminal session .log file [best viewed in a terminal w/a cat command]